FUN:travel – Buenos Aires to Tel Aviv – 71 days

February 3, 2013 by  

The ABC’s of Argentina
A = Awesome
B = Bummer
C = Celebration

Travel is very personal! We are working on finding the right mix of cruising and land tours that work for us. The best part of cruising is you get to unpack your bags. The best part of land touring is that you get to spend more time with the locals. The worst part is the physical and financial toll of flying out of the country. It has turned into a real hassle these days! That is why we choose to take longer vacations (and because Chris is now retired we can)

  • The travel motto is “I want to be surprised, and not pissed off.” And “We are only doing this once.” So we are on a journey to see as much as we can, while we can. Seeing Wonders of the World guide us to many of our destinations.

Day 1 – Wednesday, January 30 – Buenos Aires to Tel Aviv – 71 days – Longest Trip Ever Taken

  • 12:43 pm flight to Buenos Aires – 3 hr layover in Houston

Day 2 – Thursday, January 31 – Buenos Aires, Argentina – overcast, hot & humid

  • A – all flights on time
  • arrive 10:45 am
  • B – takes 2 hrs to get through customs & retrieve bags
  • taxi from airport takes 45 min – driver has no GPS and can’t find our hotel
  • A – booked Urban Suites Recoleta @ – only $138
  • A – nice big room!
  • across from the cemetery where Eva Peron is entombed

  • A – lots of outdoor cafes
  • B – hot & humid w/overcast skies
  • light salad & wine for lunch (dressing tasteless & wine tasty)
  • A – take afternoon siesta
  • A – dinner @ Fervor recommended by hotel
  • A – split white salmon, grilled vegetables, & sorbet – nice malbec $68 US
  • 12 midnight take sleeping pill

FF – (FUN-fact) – All restaurants charge for a table. It costs more to sit outside. We paid anywhere from $2.00 to $4.00 per person.

Evita’s Tomb