FUN-travel: Tarifa, Spain & Tangiers, Morocco

September 1, 2012 by  

Trip Day 44 – Thursday, August 23 – Tarifa, Spain & Tangiers, Morocco


  • slept great on the top floor
  • floor fan blocked out the street noise
  • 7:50 am walk to ferry terminal
  • coffee shop opens @ 8:00
  • on way find locals morning coffee & churro shop that opens @ 7:00
  • reserved guide for full day tour of Tangiers, Morocco from Rick Steves book
  • 8:40 board
  • 9:00 ferry takes off on time
  • only takes 35 min
  • met on pier by guide
  • driver & guide take us on tour of Tangiers
  • drive through wealthy area of palaces
  • see King’s summer palace
  • go to Hercules cave – on the ocean
  • see camels – already rode one in Egypt
  • 12:00 1st stop – The Medina (Old Town) –  dropped off at top – twisty, narrow, steep lanes wind down to 2nd stop – the Souk (market) – filled with merchants selling everything – fish, meat, olives, cheese & bread
  • see pair of snake charmers
  • 12:30 lunch – typical tourist restaurant – traditional music provided by 4 musicians – only thing missing are the belly dancers
  • 2nd stop – Kasbah – loosely translated to “fortress” – residential area within the walled city consists of more twisty lanes

Local Bakery

  • 3rd stop – US Embassy – first ever in the world

    Snake Charmers

  • 2:15 – head down to ferry terminal
  • will take earlier ferry back
  • at least we have a cool breeze
  • 8:00 pm (Spain time) finally back in Tarifa & civilization!
  • 9:00 – dinner @ El Puerto – clams in garlic sauce, grilled fresh Tarifa tuna steak


  • breakfast is included but doesn’t open until 9:00
  • have to stand in long line on ferry to get passport stamped for Morocco
  • guide I hired sent someone else in his place & guide tried to lie about it
  • paid for a full day tour – over in 5 hrs
  • 4:00 ferry is smaller and they limit number of passengers – cars take precedent
  • don’t get on so we’re stuck on dock for another 2 hrs
  • worst part of all is can’t even get a beer!
  • didn’t get in line because it was in the sun & stayed back in the shade
  • tour groups from Tarifa get on – should have gotten in that group
  • Ferry Fiasco! -6:00 ferry arrives and there is major pushing & jockeying to get first in line

Local Farmer

FF (FUN-fact) – Morocco is one hour earlier than Spain.

More FF – Many people can’t afford private ovens, phones, or running water so they have communal options. Locals drop off their ready-to-cook dough at the bakery.