FUN-travel: Monte Carlo, France to La Spezia, Italy – Day 6 – Seabourn Cruise

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Trip Day 23 – Cruise Day 6 – Wednesday, August 1 – La Spezia, Italy




  • booked tour for Cinque Terra
  • full day with lots of walking
  • 8:10 am depart by bus
  • 1st stop – Manarola – very small with homes that hug the rock face & overhang the sea below
  • 2nd stop – Riomaggiore – arrive after a 15-minute walk along the Via dell’ Amore – carved into steep cliff that plummets into the sea
  • 3rd stop – take 20 min boat to Vernazza
  • very cute with bustling marina crammed with boats, cafes  & trattorias
  • nice cold beer break
  • 4th stop – Monterosso al Mare – cutest of all with arched, twisty alleys – nice big beach area – pink houses
  • lunch @ great restaurant – Al Pozzo – eat anchovies in lemon & olive oil with green peppercorns (never tasted anything like it) – Pesto Pasta – mussels in white wine & garlic – really nice local white wine Sassarini “cian irti”
  • train back only takes 25 minutes
  • 9:45 pm Rock the Boat Deck Party – great music & people watching



Monterosso al Mare

  • we were supposed to anchor in Portofino
  • early morning again
  • really hot  day – high 90’s

FF (FUN-fact) – Five villages make up Cinque Terra. (Corniglia is the only one we didn’t visit) The homes and buildings cling to the vertical cliffs on the Ligurian sea. Terraced vineyards and olive orchards are steeply etched in the mountains above the villages. Pesto sauce was invented here.

More FF – Via dell’ Amore (the path of love) has locks on metal mesh fence to symbolize one’s love.  You have two keys – you profess your love and throw one into the ocean – the second you keep in case it doesn’t last and you take the lock off.

More FF – On the drive you can see huge white topped mountains in the distance. Carrera Marble has been quarried from here for over 2000 years.


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