FUN-travel: Barcelona to Rosas, Spain – Day 2 – Seabourn Cruise

August 4, 2012 by  

Trip Day 19 – Cruise Day 2 – Saturday, July 28 – Rosas, Spain

Garden Sculpture


  • the best bed & pillows we’ve had on a cruise
  • really, really good & hot cappuccino
  • 5 hr excursion to see Gala Dalí Castle House-Museum – filled with Gala’s personal items, furniture, some of Dalí’s art – extensive gardens with sculptures including her garage & 2 vintage cars
  • then on to 2 more small villages in walled cities
  • hamburger, fries, pizza, French white wine for lunch
  • take siesta
  • dinner outside @ casual restaurant
  • show in theatre – Amour – features love songs


  • 8:40am departure for excursion – I love my slow wake-up in the mornings

    Gala Picture

  • go to dinner @ 8:50 & dining room closes @ 9
  • after taking 2 weeks to get on “Spain Dining Time” we have to get used to eating earlier

FF (FUN-fact) – Salvador Dalí refurbished and gave this 11th century castle to his wife (& muse) as a gift. She accepted only on the condition that Dalí only visit when given a written invitation. She rarely invited him and reportedly entertained several lovers here. He was intent on creating a place suitable for his wife’s rest and refuge. This was his last workshop and Gala’s mausoleum is located beneath the castle.