WOW Word-Of-the-Week #396: Energetic

March 7, 2012 by  

Energetic – actively interested in being or in doing.

Do you feel energetic when you are at work? Are you actively interested? Do you have hobbies or interests that you love doing and that energizes you?

This is the final WOW in the series from my book, “The FUN-Damental Secrets of Service: How to have FUN and make your customers feel good about spending their money!” The other E in SERVICE stands for Energy. In my book, I describe it as, “The indefinable sensation you get when you walk into a place where things are happening. That rush of adrenaline that comes over you when you feel that things are going well, that life is good, that people are happy, and that all things are possible. When energy is there, you know it. When it’s not, you know that too. The trick is to learn how to make it always there.” And this brings me to my:

FUN-damental Service Secret #5

“Make Your Customers Feel Good
About Spending Their Money!”

People want to go places where they feel welcome and that create a positive emotion. And they will keep coming back as long as you fulfill that need! In my seminars, I talk about the “Energy Flow” that you feel when you walk into any business.  The key is to have “Positive Energy Flow” not negative! As I have said before, “Emotions and moods are contagious, and so is ENERGY!”

Usually, when we are feeling good, we have lots of energy. When we are tired or sick we tend to drag due to lack of energy. Are you getting adequate sleep? Are you getting enough exercise? Do you have hobbies or interests that you love to do?

This week focus on your energy level. Do your customers, guests, members, or clients feel “Positive Energy Flow” when they are around you? What are the things you do that make you feel energetic? What could you do differently to become more actively interested in your work and/or personal life?

Reader Responses

“Our energy level is an excellent outward reflection of how we feel inside. It shows we are interested in being where we are and wanting to be others in that place. As you know, people’s body language is a truth-teller. Posture, walking, facial expressions and tone of voice all let others know our energy level and whether we are invested in the day. I’m sure you have seen many people slouching at their desks, day in and day out. Or walking slowly around the office. Not smiling. Mumbling their responses to questions. These are the perfect tell-tale signs of people who not only have no energy, but don’t want to be where they are. Our energy level is a great indicator of how we interact with one another every day. If there is anything that I have learned in my public life, it is that people watch other people every day. People do notice how we look, dress, interact and react. As much as we may not care what people think of our everyday energy and behavior, it is a true reflection on us – in more ways than one. Thanks, Susan. Have a great weekend. Sunday is “Selection Sunday” on CBS for the NCAA Basketball Tournament. The Madness is about to begin!” – “Warrior” Joe