FUN-travel: South America: Machu Picchu to Cusco, Peru

March 3, 2012 by  

Day 18 – Tuesday, February 21 – Machu Picchu to Cusco, Peru – sunshine, blue skies, mixed w/white fluffy clouds – high 60’s

Dome Train

  • Good News – slept for 10 hours
  • Good News – awake to birds chirping

Native Weaver

  • Good news – take morning walk for post cards – have to go to 3 places to get 6 for 5 soles (about $2.00) they all want 6 soles – unbelievable!
  • Good News – we have 2 day pass including climb up to top of Wayna Picchu – only 400 persons allowed each day – neighboring peak looks down on Machu Picchu
  • Bad News – no railings & straight up  narrow path – fear of heights!
  • Good News – tour company sent a bottle of wine to our hotel for giving back tickets we had already paid for
  • Good News – today is Fat Tuesday

Urubamba River in Aguas Calientes

  • Good News – able to book earlier train – get to Cusco @ 5pm instead of 7pm
  • Good News – on train ride back see glaciers on mountain tops
  • Bad News – feel hungry all the time but nothing tastes good (except for the chocolate brownie cake @ tea)
  • Good News – dinner @ Bodega 138 – pizza! wonderfully fresh salad! nice wine! half the price of other dinners – filled w/locals

FF – (FUN-facts) – This  is the rainy season and that means fewer tourists. The mountains are green and the flowers are blooming. It’s not hot and humid and there are no bugs or mosquitoes.