WOW Word-Of-the-Week #389: Change

January 18, 2012 by  

Change – the action of making something different in form, quality or state.

Do you love the excitement of creating something new? Do you find change difficult or stressful? If you could change one thing in your life, would it be difficult or easy for you?

Once again I received one of S T E V E ‘ S….3 – M I N U T E…. C O A C H I N G emails and thought it was perfect for the new year.

“What do you want to change this year? Do you have a clear picture/description of what you want to change?

Do you know how your life will be different when you have the change? Have you quantified the difference by fully describing the attributes that will result from the change, such as how you expect to feel?

Do you have some ideas of how to bring about the change? Actions, resources, requests to make, boundaries to set, things to stop?

Do you already know what some of the barriers to having this change are? Momentum is usually a big one. Someone-won’t-approve can be, too. Do you know of other barriers?

Does change have to be hard or can you let it be easy?

Have you found that changing alone is better for you? If not, who can assist you with your change?

Coaching Point: One year from now is probably going to happen anyway. Do you want your life then to look just like it does now? Or do you want it to change?”

Copyright 2012 Steve Straus. All rights reserved.

One of my favorite quotes is, “Change is inevitable, growth is optional.” Change is a part of life. Four times a year the seasons change. We experience physical changes every day. This week’s focus is on change. Will you view change as a positive and grow from the experience? Will you find it difficult to accept and create more barriers?

Reader Responses

“I like this! A lot of helpful questions to ask ourselves!” – Sandra

“Change is difficult for all of us, because of the inevitability of it. If we don’t change, at some point it may be forced upon us by forces that we can’t control. So, if the opportunity is there to make positive changes in our lives – and not just at New Year’s Eve – then we should try to take a look in the mirror and see what we need to do first. Once we take stock, we should make the change workable, in increments. We can’t change overnight, so if we take our time and make it work in manageable chunks, then we will be able to accomplish our goals of change. The biggest obstacle to change is fear. My wife does not like change at all. She wants things to remain routine so that there are no surprises in her life. When there are surprises, she does not like it. I don’t try to force things on Kristen, but I let her know that she will have to make small changes that are manageable and make things easier for her. None of us likes change, but it is the only clear path to growth in life. As I have looked back on my life, there were probably a few things I might have done differently, but in retrospect probably would not have been drastic changes in my life. I am a positive person and work hard to adapt and change. It is not easy, but nothing that is worthwhile in life is ever easy. Great word for this time of year, Susan. Thank you.” – “Warrior” Joe