WOW 7th Anniversary Celebration!

July 27, 2011 by  

WOW! It is truly amazing how fast the time goes. It’s been seven years since I wrote my first Word-Of-the-Week  and to celebrate, I am once again offering my “FUN-damentals of the Secrets of Service” book for only $7.00. And I will even throw in the shipping. Such a deal! For that price you can afford to get one for your friends, family & staff. Just reply and let me know how many you’d like.

UPCOMING EVENTS –August 23rd I am speaking for the UCSD Dining, Housing, Hospitality managers.


September 12th to October 18th we will be having FUN in Ireland, Scotland, UK and Belgium. The beginning of the trip has us celebrating in Galway Bay for the Guinness Beer and Oyster Festival and ending in Brussels for Oktoberfest. On the way back we will stop over in London so I can go to Stonehenge which was up for one of the new 7 Wonders of the World. You can follow our adventures at my

I want to thank everyone for the very positive feedback and input you have all given me and I encourage everyone to keep sending me your thoughts. Until then I hope you have FUN & Fabulous rest of your year! Susan

Reader Responses

“Congratulations to you on your lucky seventh year with Wow! The words you select every week usually have some relation to my personal and/or professional lives. The word choices and columns help me think. Your word choices remind me of what former NBA star Walt “Clyde” Frazier does with his words of the day. A graduate of Southern Illinois University and a Hall of Famer, Frazier decided a number of years ago that he would learn one new word every day. Occasionally, he sprinkles these words into his television color commentary of New York Knicks basketball games on the Madison Square Garden Network. It is great for knowledge and helps in conversation with a wide variety of people in life. Your WOW! columns have helped me learn something every week.” – “Warrior” Joe

“I am enjoying re-reading your book. Your advise and insights will help me get the points of great service across to a new staff I am working with.” – Terry

“Happy Anniversary!” – Warmest, Em

“CONGRATS on 7th WOW Anniversary! How time flies when you’re having FUN! ;)” – Sarita

“Good Morning Susan! 7 years – well done!!  We have been receiving your WOWs almost from week 1 and have kept them all for reference and refreshers.  Thank you so much for sharing your FUN!! We would sure like to order 2 of the “FUN-damentals of the Secrets of Service” books. Please send me the payment form at your convenience. Thank you again – have a great/safe trip abroad!!” – Mary

“Congratulations Susan!!! I’m so proud of you and keep it up for another 7…. Stay cool in beautiful San Diego…. I’m boiling here in San Antonio. Thanks” – Linda