WOW Word-Of-the-Week #363: Creativity

July 19, 2011 by  

Creativity – the ability to stimulate imagination.

Would you say that you have a vivid imagination? Does your job allow you to use your creativity? Can you easily tap into your creativity or know the things to do that will spur your creativity?

“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” ~ Mark Twain

This week’s WOW is a response from Bob who had this to say about last week’s word – Anxiety.  “Just got around to reading your item on the subject of “worry.” It focuses mainly on worrying about your kids, but I define it as ‘using the power of creativity, but not in your best interests.’ Thought is creative.”

I Could Get Creative Here!

“What we think about the most tends to be what we manifest in our lives. If we would all spend more time thinking about what we WANT, and less time thinking (worrying) about what we DON’T want, we would all be a lot more content. Try to cultivate an awareness of where your thoughts are at any given moment. The minute you realize you are worrying, shift that to a thought of a desired positive outcome.”

“Instead of fixating on everything that can go wrong in your upcoming job interview, visualize impressing the interviewer with your grasp of his/her industry, sitting at your new desk, spending your first paycheck from the new job. We really can change our thinking and change our lives.”

I couldn’t agree more! So many people focus on what they don’t want and continue to get just that – what they don’t want. Your thoughts create your life. The more positive and creative you allow your thoughts to be – the more positive and creative your life will become.

This week’s focus is creativity. What can you do to stimulate your imagination in a positive way? What do you desire? How can you harness your power of creativity to your best interest?

Reader Responses

“We are all creative in our lives. It is just manifested in different ways because of our uniqueness. We can put it to best use with situations in our lives that call for us to figure things out in a positive way. Those who are stymied in that regard have never really thought creatively lduring their lives. Instead of thinking of it as an opportunity, these people think of it as a problem. This mindset focuses on the negative and not the positive, nullifying the possibilities for creative thinking. The most creative ideas emanate from a positive mindset, where the realm of possibilities are wide open. Every day is like a brand new lifetime, offering opportunities to use that God-given creativity. We all have it.” – “Warrior” Joe


One Response to “WOW Word-Of-the-Week #363: Creativity”

  1. Kim on July 20th, 2011 9:42 am

    Creativity. From your ‘word’ creativity- I like the simple statement: ALL thoughts are creative. It is like being a Superhero- are you going to use your powers for good or for evil? Only, in this existence, the good and/or evil is reserved only for the creator of the thought. We can only use our Superhuman powers on ourselves. I know when I daydream and think of what I want- my vibration soars! When people tell me they are worried, what if this or that doesn’t happen…then what?, What if something doesn’t come through for you, then what? I start to feel this sinking, shrinking, worrisome vibration that really feels like it makes me ill. I can see why they say anxiety can kill you. I start reading about quantum mechanics, the thought that we are in the suburbs of our galaxy, and our galaxy is just one of billions in the observable universe, and the universe is expanding. Nothing like Stephen Hawking or Carl Sagan to put a little perspective on that worry you may have. We are here for such a great adventure.