WOW Word-Of-the-Week #352: Perfect

May 3, 2011 by  

Perfect – excellent and delightful in all respects.

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you think of the word perfect? Does it only mean setting and reaching extremely high standards? When was the last time you experienced something that was excellent and delightful in all respects?

Two weeks ago my WOW was attention and I must say it created a lot of attention, as I received lots of very positive feedback from my subscribers. Thank you all! And I am proud to say that I practicing what I preach. We spent this weekend with our four grandchildren plus one of their friends and it was very special.

Our Perfect Grandchildren

First, because we had our very first sleepover with our six-year-old twin granddaughters. And second, because our sixteen-year-old grandson asked if he could come too and bring his friend. We were thrilled he even wants to be around us! And third, his thirteen-year-old sister loves to be with her cousins and us too.

What made this weekend so perfect? We all played games together. Twister. Chutes & Ladders. Liar. Fish. There was no TV on and there was no texting or phone calls for the entire night! (Let me just clarify that they did stay up to watch movies after our bedtime.)

We all put our full attention on being together and playing. We even made our first ever Bundt cake together. Then for breakfast we made pancakes and cinnamon buns and played more games. When I was driving back home from dropping off the kids I thought to myself, “This was the most perfect weekend we have ever had with them. We all played and had FUN!” And when I got home my dear sweet husband said, “You were the perfect grandmother.” (I might add that when you have really great kids it’s pretty easy.)

This week focus on creating excellent and delightful experiences. Do your desires and needs come before everyone else’s? How would it feel to give your full attention to doing things that you don’t choose or control? Could you have a perfect weekend without having anything planned?

Reader Responses

“”I loved your thoughts for this week. Your grand children’s picture is adorable.
Grand kids are the BEST !!! Thank you Sooz” – Katie

“I loved your last WOW on PERFECT!  Sounds like you did indeed have the perfect weekend with your grand kids.  I also loved your challenge to create “excellent and delightful experiences” this week.  Will do!” – Sarita

“Susan, sounds like you had a memorable weekend! Good job Grammy! – Sandra

“Perfection is the best goal in the world as long as one realizes that it is never attainable! Everything can always be improved.”- Kevin

“Sounds like Grandma & Grandpa had the most FUN…until they ran out of steam.” – Dick

“My favorite saying is life is what happens between perfect moments! Thanks for sharing your perfect moment. We to have family game nights, so much fun! Hope you continue to have many perfect moments!” – Amy

“I guess we all want to strive for perfection. But because we are all very human, perfection is not really possible. So, I strive for the IDEAL. Whether it be work, home or fun. Not everything in life goes to plan, so we do the best that we can. When I am planning for Kristen’s birthday, there have been times when the best-laid (perfect) plans just did not go well. The restaurant did not spell her first name correctly, even though I slowly spelled it out in the week before we had our reservation. When the waitress came to the table with the fondue sauces, she dropped the ceramic plates and tray in the middle of our table, spilling hot coffee on my lap as shards of plates scattered around us. After we cleaned up and I tried to dry the coffee off my pants, she returned with more items and we had our dinner. We did not make a fuss or give the waitress a hard time. After we had our dessert, the waitress brought the check. We were surprised that no part of the meal was comped, and there was no offer to take care of our dry cleaning bill. So, I paid the bill and we decided that we would just not go to that restaurant again. And we told our friends about the experience as a fair warning. My wife and I assumed that since the manager was not there that evening and the waitress might have been a recent hire that she did not know if she could comp us. These things happen. So, even with my best laid plans, my wife’s birthday celebration – it was Kristen’s 30th – did not work out. I just try to go for the ideal, but I have found in that search that spontaneity can usually provide all of us with ideal endings. I just  try to go with the flow. Great word, Susan. Take care.” – “Warrior” Joe



Sounds like Grandma & Grandpa had the most FUN…until they ran out of steamJ