WOW Word-Of-the-Week #343: Relative

March 3, 2011 by  

Relative – something having a relation or connection to something else.

Would you say you easily connect with the people around you? Would you say you have a lot of relationships? Can you easily spot the people that are uplifting? How about the people that are “downers”?

Once again, this week’s S T E V E ‘ S….3 – M I N U T E…. C O A C H I N G is very timely and profound. He writes, “Albert Einstein said that all things of the material world are relative, that is, all things have at least part of their meaning determined by their relationship to other things.  That is particularly true of personal relationships. Who we relate to, and how, determine much about us.”

“As you observe the relationships around you, notice which ones lift you up and which ones don’t. In particular, notice the ones which pull you down. Which relationships drain you, are getting weaker over time, try to make you wrong, have a lot of Drama, or are just plain negative?”

“Then notice the relationships which add value in your life. These lift you, support you, even carry you awhile when appropriate. People with whom you have value-adding relationships encourage and appreciate you.”

“It’s hard to change the people around you.”

“It’s easy to change the people you are around.”

“It’s all relative.”

“Coaching Point: How many people are on your list of positive, uplifting relationships? Are you on their lists?”

And I would like to add, “How many “downers” are in your life? Are you able to remove yourself from them? If not, can you not be at the effect of their negativity?

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Reader Responses

“Excellent word. It is very easy for me to tell apart the downers from the positive people at the office and in my personal life. Frankly, most of my work relationships are confined to work. There are a few people who have left our offices with whom I stay in touch. Many of the people at my office live a good distance from me, which does not allow for any contact outside of work. What I do notice at work are those people who do not smile and avoid direct eye contact. Why, I don’t know. But my guess is that a number of them are not happy people. Most likely they don’t want to be at work. In my personal life, I see the same thing. I do stay in touch with those who are positive and tolerate those who are not happy or negative. And for those who are happy I know that I am in their lives. If there is anything that I have learned the hard way it is that I can’t change anyone else except myself. So, for those people who are Debbie Downers, I simply smile and go my way. As I grow older I am more conscious about how I use my time and with whom. Those people who are not happy, I try to avoid them and spend time with those who are happy campers. Life is too short not to be happy. As Bobby McPherrin once sang: “Don’t worry. Be happy!” Have a great rest of the week, Susan. We need more happy campers like you. Keep up the great work!” – “Warrior” Joe