WOW Word-Of-the-Week #340: Lucky

February 9, 2011 by  

Lucky – to experience good fortune.

Do you consider yourself to be a lucky person? Do good things happen to you? Do you believe in Karma? What goes around comes around?

I consider myself to be a lucky person. I always get good parking spots. If you have ever attended one of my programs you’ve probably heard about my “Parking Fairy.” She is in my car with me at all times!

I have a great cartoon clipping that reads, “Good luck is being in the right place at the right time with enough money.” There are many more great quotes. Do you have a favorite one?

When my purse was stolen in Namibia in October, what I didn’t tell you was that I believed I would get it back. When I returned from my tour later that day sure enough my purse was at the front desk. The bad news was it was completely empty. The only thing of value was my prescription sunglasses. I said, “It serves those little thieves right. They are of no use and worthless to them.” Then I thought, “They will pitch them in a trash can.” And so I took off and starting digging through the trash cans in the six block downtown area where the thieves had been spotted. I kept thinking to myself, “I am a lucky person and I will find my sunglasses.” And sure enough after ten trash cans I found them. Would you have done that?

As much as I think I am lucky, lately I seem to be very unlucky when it comes to technology/computer products. I bought my first Dell computer in 1995 and have continued to only buy Dells. In 2008 I bought a new laptop and had problems immediately. Over the course of two years I have had all of my software reinstalled three times (at great cost to me) and finally even all the hardware was replaced. When it still didn’t work (and after hours and hours on the phone) Dell finally replaced it with a new laptop. Only problem is, the replacement (not even a year old) is a lemon too!

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” – Chinese Proverb

So now I am waiting for my new Sony to arrive. (Don’t even get me started on HP printers!) Is it me or are the products that were so reliable just not made to the same standards?

Then as I was all ready to send this to you it appears now my router is bad. So I have had no internet which is why this is so late. Thank goodness for Starbucks!

This week I want to hear your lucky stories. When was the last time you experienced good fortune? Do you get good parking spots too? Do you have good Karma?

Reader Responses

“I feel so lucky when I met you !! You are an inspiration to me. My first lesson I learned from you was at the Thursday Club in 2002. I continue to learn from you each time
we are together.” – Katie

“I have a good Karma story to share. One night I was playing black jack at a Vegas casino. The dealer paid me twice. I handed back the $5.00 chip and told her that she already paid me. She was very thankful that I was honest with her. On the next deal, I was dealt a black jack. Everyone at the table remarked on the Karma for my honesty.” Sylvia

“I was pick-pocketed in Mexico City in 1983 and lost everything. My girl friend had a visa and a little cash so that was lucky. After 4 or 5 weeks passed I received a brown envelope for the us consulate in Mexico city with my wallet and everything was in it except money that was double lucky!” – Ken

“I lived in NY and wanted to move to California – suddenly there was an ad in The New York Times it said “looking for good legal secretaries – interviews will be at the Sherry Netherlands.” I answered the ad, got the job. They did not pay my way out there but I had a job when I arrived – Thank you Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher. We would say Bashert or Kismet or fate!!! I also want to thank you for your response I did not expect it but I do think it is generational that parent who survived the depression did not praise as so many people have agreed with me. Keep the good work going.” – Isabelle

“You know next month will feature the “Luck of the Irish?” In fact, the NCAA Basketball Tournament begins on St. Patrick’s Day! The late Brooklyn Dodgers General Manager Branch Rickey once said that “Luck is the residue of design.” In other words, after intelligence and effort have been expended luck can come into play. I don’t necessarily rely on luck, because that would mean whatever success I am trying attain in my endeavors would appear out of my hands in some kind of random manner. That being said, I still believe in karma. Our attitudes and personalities are part of a personal aura we exude during our day-to-day living. The positive vibes we put out into the universe bring people closer to us. And, we all need each other in one way or another. So, whether it is the Luck of the Irish or Instant Karma, it is the actions that we take and the responsibility we take for our lives that can lead to good vibrations or good things happening to us. I’m picking up good vibrations! Before you know it, I could become a Beach Boy!  Now, I have had situations in my life where things have gone my way when I least expected it. In college I won a dorm lottery to get the room I wanted. When I applied to graduate school, I was accepted to the last opening at Medill in1984. I don’t know if those really involved luck, or as you would say being in the right place at the right time. So, in that sense circumstance plays a part. I liked your parking fairy story. A few weeks ago I had to take a train into Chicago for jury duty. My wife warned me ahead of time that I needed money to park in garage where she parks her car every day. Since I was in a little bit of a rush and did not have money for parking, I pulled onto the roof of the garage and parked at the far end. Hoping that my car would not be noticed. Needless to say my wife was upset. But I told her I was willing to take the chance and would pay the fine if I was ticketed. When I returned later that afternoon, there was NO TICKET on my windshield. My wife was relieved. One more parking story. The man whose biography I authored, Coach Al McGuire, was riding in a rental car with CBS color commentator Bill Raftery. Bill told me that there were empty coffee cups and papers scattered in the back seat. It was pretty much a mess. As they arrived at Coach McGuire’s speaking engagement in downtown Chicago, they could not find a parkings space. After a couple of trips around the block, he pulled into an illegal space. Coach Al reached into the back seat for a piece of paper and a pen. In large letters he wrote: CLERGY and placed it on the driver’s dashboard under the windshielf. When Bill and Coach Al returned to the car, there was NO TICKET on the windshield. So, maybe that is the luck of the Irish.” – “Warrior” Joe

“I just love fortune cookies. We have a Panda Express within walking distance at work and here are some of the ones I’ve kept:  “You Will Be Coming Into A Fortune.”  “You Are The Key To Your Own Success.”  Or how about this one, “Today Will be Lucky and Memorable for You.”  These fortunes are on my computer so I can look at them every day. And do you know what? After I opened the one “today will be lucky and memorable for you…” It was lucky and memorable for me. This was the day I was told that I was to be promoted to a higher paying position. I put on it “It sure was on 04/08/2010.” I don’t know where luck comes from, or why only some people have it and some people don’t. All I know is…  if I’m lucky enough to have it, I definitely cherish it and thank the good Lord above for allowing me to be the lucky one.” – Linda

“I have a parking fairy too! I always get the spot I want as I park as far away from everyone and the building to get some fresh air and exercise. Luck is in the eye of the beholder. Jack Nicklaus said, “I’ve never had a lucky shot in my life. I’ve made hole in ones and they aren’t luck. If you’re aiming for it and it goes in, it’s not luck, its skill.” Are you lucky if you win the Powerball? Only if you win and you didn’t buy a ticket? Karma is self fulfillment also, treat others nice and chances are they’ll treat you nice. Give and you receive by giving. Have a nice day!” – Kevin