WOW Word-Of-the-Week #329: Thankful

November 20, 2010 by  

Thankful – appreciative and grateful.

Are you appreciative and grateful for all that you have? Do you acknowledge and thank people when they do something that is of benefit or favorable to you? When you do something kind or giving to someone, do they thank you? How does it make you feel?

This week we celebrate Thanksgiving and I am so grateful for all that I have in my life. I am thankful to be able to travel and experience different cultures. Now that I don’t have to go school, I love learning all the history and the geography.  I really enjoy meeting new people and eating good food!

And I am really thankful to be home! We live in a great country with an abundance of everything.  (And great paved roads) I have wonderful friends and family and the love of my life! I don’t think it can get any better than that!

And being thankful has its health benefits. Researchers at the University of California-Davis, Cornell and the University of Michigan found that people “who have a plethora of events for which they feel grateful bounce back more quickly from trauma, can undo the negative effects of stress and have lower blood pressure.”

A USA Today article said to, “Notice small things. Experts almost universally agree that some of the most significant blessings are also the most seemingly insignificant acts. Take note of a nice day, a spectacular sunset, a moonlit night.”

This week focus on giving thanks. You can never do it too much. What are you grateful for in your personal and professional life? When was the last time you told your customers, guests, clients, members, friends and family how grateful you are to have them in your life?

Reader Responses

“Wise words.” – Em

“love this, thank you!” – Rosamaria

“Thinking of you and thankful that you are in my life!” – M

“As you note in your word this week, we can never say thank you or be grateful enough in this life. As I walked from the parking lot to the office I looked at the sky and thanked the Lord for another day. While this is certainly the week to be thankful for the tender mercies in our lives, someone remarked on the radio this morning that we should be thankful every day, not just at Thanksgiving. You mentioned the little things. I have made it a point in my life to try to remember the little things in other peoples’ lives, like anniversaries, their children’s birthdays, etc. Picking up the phone to just say hello. A few months ago a high school friend noted in his e-mail that he “owed me a phone call,” as if we were keeping score. I don’t keep score, I just pick up the phone and call – usually without thinking. I do it unconditionally – I don’t expect anything in return. But what I am noticing is that people don’t take the time to simply say “thank you.” That is what is being lost in society. Either people take it for granted that someone remembers them or they just don’t care. And that is the shame. Because no matter how busy all of us are, it does not take that much time to pick up the phone and thank another person. As advanced as we are in communications in our busy society, the technology is actually shutting us off from others. And that is the shame. Because if we don’t interact with PEOPLE, we don’t grow. A little thing I am grateful for is when my two-year-old comes running up to me with her arms wide open when she sees me. That is precious. I am so grateful for that. When my nine-year-old asks me to listen to her read or play the piano. I take the time. Because THESE ARE THE DAYS. And they will never come again. I am grateful for the health and the happiness to be able to enjoy all of it. Great word, Susan. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. It is, indeed, a wonderful life. Take care.” “Warrior” Joe