FUN-travel Asia: Part 3

June 12, 2010 by  

Day 40 – Sunday, April 4 – Chongquin, China

Chongquin Zoo

Full Day Excursion 11:00 – 7:00

  • Good News – go to largest city zoo in China
  • Good News – 6 pandas all awake and eating bamboo
  • Good News – beautiful Japanese gardens
  • More Good News – city tour includes highest peak with gardens and former home of Chiang Kai-shek – Eling Park and
  • Guangdone Guild House – 17th century buildings around courtyard with museum of relics found on the grounds
  • Bad News – polluted overcast skies
  • Good News – 70’s
  • Good News – 5 star cruise ship
  • Bad News – split beds again
  • Good News – upgrades available
  • Bad News – $600 (for 3 days they have to be kidding)
  • Good News – I’ll be buying my upgrade in Hong Kong

Day 41 – Monday, April 5 – Yangtze River Cruise, China

Carved Buddha

  • Bad News – China 5 star clearly way different than rest of world
  • Good News – holiday today called Light Spring Festival and Tomb Sweeping Day – yearly cleaning of gravesite includes
  • lighting incense and setting off firecrackers and to ask for blessings from the dead for those still living
  • Good News – go to morning lecture – learn that Yangtze is 3rd longest river in world – 3900 miles (Mekong is the 6th longest)
  • Bad News – 1:30 afternoon excursion delayed until 4:30, so take nap
  • Good news – good exercise – walk 696 steps to Fendu – ghost city
  • Bad News – can’t see much due to fog & pollution & not much to do so go back early


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