WOW Word-Of-the-Week #306: Tribulations

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Tribulations – experiences that tests one’s endurance, patience, or faith.

Have you had any tribulations this year? Do you have any friends or family members who have? Have you ever been tested beyond your wildest expectations?

Last week’s WOW created this response from Mary, “I met you a few years ago in one of the workshops in Sacramento, CA. I am no longer with the same agency and decided to go back to school. I have my Masters as a Marriage and Family Therapist and work for an outstanding Counseling Services Inc. “Family Services” from Visalia, CA. I love your FUN-damentals` stories/point of views. In regarding this week’s story about Happiness and relationships I have one to share with you.”

“I graduated with my Masters in April 2008, was laid off in Aug. 2009, and continued looking for a job as a therapist. While looking for employment I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Dec. 2009 and on the same day I got a call to start working as a therapist with Family Services. With that in mind I can say that mentally I was shaken and rattled for a few days. My emotions were up and down; happy because of a new job and sad because of the diagnosis.”

“On the other hand, what sustained me were my Faith, education, and my support system which consists of my partner, good friends and my new co-workers.  Without them my life would not be worth it or made sense. I had two partial mastectomies and finally had both breasts removed. At present time I am recuperating and started back to work just last week (part time). While at home I asked myself, ‘If I die how do I want to be remembered?’ And thank God I was able to come up with a few things. “

“This trial and tribulation has been a learning process for me. If I want to get better I have to listen to Drs. orders or else! And again, the support of good friends makes it easier to make it through the day. Sometimes a word can make a difference in people’s lives. As I have said and shared with friends and families I meet ‘Forest Gump’s Mom said: Forrest life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are gone get.’”

Mary’s response came the same day that I was attending the funeral of a 59 year-old woman. That is way too young to die. It brought back memories of my mother and dear friend Dixie who both left us in 2006. I hope you or I never have to go through the tribulations that Mary has. This week focus on your support system. Who do you have in your life that would help sustain you? Who needs you to help sustain them?

Reader Responses

“Very good and heartfelt story.  Debbie was our youngest Bunco sister.  Her children did such a good job and made us all feel better that she did know about the cancer a little earlier and only wanted family to know.  I would feel the same way.” – Elaine

“What a great word. Also, great story from Mary.  Thanks for sharing it!  And, of course the one picture is worth a thousand words! I don’t think I recalled that you’d lost your Mom in 2006.  I lost mine in 2005.   Interesting how we move on and triumph over the tribulations.” – Sarita

“We all go through tribulations in life. Your story about the woman with breast cancer reminded me of a quote from the late Marquette basketball coach Al McGuire who said: “Life is equal, but it is not fair. We all start and end the same. If life were fair, there would be no people in wheelchairs.”  It is how we react to life’s tribulations that allows us to continue in our everyday lives. There are many people who, if they had Mary’s physical diagnosis, would curl up and withdraw from life. But she did not. Mary met her personal tribulation head on and kept the faith. Unfortunately, in life, there are a lot of people who do not have faith – in themselves, in others, in a higher power. Their reactions would probably range from “Why me?” to “Woe is me.” What is most important in dealing with life’s trials and tribulations is using our positive mental attitude. If we look at them as death sentences they will become self-fulfilling prophecies. Thinking about them as opportunities instead of obstacles will allow us to make the most of them. The key is in the thinking. Since most of us don’t use more than a small portion of our brains we really don’t know the potential of our brain power. Once we tap into it, can deal with anything. I am reminded of a Nike ad slogan from a years ago: “Impossible is nothing.” Life does get better.” – Joe

2005 Amended Version of the

What a great word:  “tribulations.”  Also, great story from Mary.  Thanks for sharing it!  And, of course the one picture is worth a thousand words!

I don’t think I recalled that you’d lost your Mom in 2006.  I lost mine in 2005.   Interesting how we move on and triumph over the tribulations.


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  1. Charlie Dominguez on June 8th, 2010 10:15 am


    At one time, in another life, I worked for what was then called, Franklin-Covey. I was a facilitator for soldiers returning stateside after Desert Storm. I have always been a good facilitator with my gregarious personality and in so doing, I used to receive the best of feedback, hence my email to you.

    It may be coincidence, but when I read your messages, I feel like it was sent just for me on that particular day. As with Tribulations, I am a small business owner and having serious cash flow issues. Tough economy or the management, that isn’t the issue; I have a family to support (single-source income) and my kids are in private school, and the pressure builds. When you can’t provide your family a summer vacation, you just feel like a loser at 48. I have my MBA, I should be doing much better…

    Thanks for providing me hope. Hope is undervalued, yet it is the essence of sustained happiness. I will not fall down and stay down. You are a part of my support system.

  2. physical therapist on July 2nd, 2010 8:22 pm

    nice post. thanks.