WOW Word-Of-the-Week #290: Valentine

February 14, 2010 by  

Valentine – a card or gift expressing love or affection.

Did you give or receive a Valentine yesterday on Valentine’s Day? Are there any other days during the year that you give a gift or a card that expresses your love or affection?

65B02-valentineIn the Calendar section of the LA Times there is a feature that’s titled, “UNDERRATED” & “OVERRATED” every Sunday. This week under “OVERRATED” they wrote, “Valentine’s Day: With apologies to jewelers, movie studios and chocolatiers who count on us showering our loved ones with gifts for this magical 24-hour period, we encourage you all to fight the hype. Honor and adore your special someones, certainly, but do the same on any given Sunday. The commercial frenzy of this day strikes us as the romantic equivalent of New Year’s Eve: amateur night.”

Well, I agree! It would be a real shame if I only had one day a year to look forward to giving or receiving a gift or card expressing love or affection. I feel very lucky because we shower each other with words of love and give cards all year long. And what I like most is that they are given when they are least suspected.

I have said in prior WOW’s that we do not give Birthday or Christmas gifts. It’s just not FUN when you have to “come up with something.” My husband wanted a new lens for his camera so he bought it and I said, “Oh great, that’s your Christmas present from me.” And I bought a sweet little emerald in Cartagena that was made into a ring and he gave me that for my birthday. Hey, what could be better? No pressure and no disappointment!

This week think about how you feel about Valentine’s Day. Is it the only day of the year that you give or receive a card or gift expressing love or affection? How about doing what the LA Times suggested? What if you created one day a week or a month as your surprise Valentine’s Day? How much effort does it really take to honor and adore your significant other?

Reader Responses

Sounds good to me.  Let me take this opportunity to say you are a dear friend and a wonderful person. And LOADS of FUN! Love, Elaine

I think there is something to the idea of Valentine’s Day or Christmas Day EVERY DAY, not just on those days. I think the key is spontaneity. Occasionally, I will put a little note of encouragement or thanks in Kristen’s lunch bag when I make her lunch at night. I don’t do it often, but just enough where it is a nice surprise. Speaking of Valentine’s Day, Kristen has asked me over the years to refrain from giving her roses (because they die so quickly) or jewelry (I have a lot of jewelry I don’t even wear). So, I stick with a card, flowers and a nice dinner or lunch. Kristen appreciates those little things. Now, we decided that for her birthday in May I will bring her to get a new watch. She needs one. So, I will let her pick it out. I like your idea, Susan. There are so many ways that we can show appreciation, and not just on those Hallmark holidays. Keep up the great work. Take care. “Warrior” Joe