WOW Word-Of-the-Week #289: Acceptance

February 8, 2010 by  

Acceptance – approval or agreement with the situation.

Are you able to accept things you have no control over? Has worrying or fretting about a situation ever made it any better? Are you able to move through a problem situation quickly and find a solution if possible?

BuddaThe key to acceptance is taking responsibility and being accountable when it warrants it. It is not about passing the blame to someone else and playing the victim. Some things are out of our control. Have you traveled on an airplane lately? It seems that every city, state, and country all have different rules regarding security and screening!

This week I am going to share my favorite lines that get me through and make me laugh instead of getting upset.

#1. “It is what it is.” – The phrase is not new. Although the origin is uncertain, it has been around for years.  “It is what it is” has become the all-purpose alternative to the long-winded explanation.

#2. “Build a bridge and get over it.” – This quote came from Mary Ann, who was one of the Cookie Lee Consultants that I interviewed prior to speaking at their convention in 2004. This is particularly good for the whiners in your life!

#3. “Hakuna Matata” – If you saw Lion King then you know this one. It is a Swahili phrase that literally translated means, “there are no worries.” No problem. Or, as we say in California, “No problema.”

#4. “This too shall pass.” – Buddhist principle: Smile as abuse is hurled your way and this too shall pass.

#5. “Fagetaboutit” – pronounced FAH-get-about-it – This is a Mafia phrase and in English reads “Forget about it.” It is the ultimate line in every mafia movie or TV show that they all use which has multiple meanings. It can mean you will be forgiven. It can mean you won’t and will be killed. (Of course the person hearing it never knows which it means) It can mean whatever happened, happened. I covered for you. “You don’t owe me nothing.” It can mean you do owe me for the rest of your life, or you will be killed. (Of course the person hearing it never knows which it means)

This week focus on acceptance. How do you cope with situations out of your control? Do they cause you to worry, fret or lose sleep? Can you easily handle upsets and move through them?
Do you have a favorite saying for accepting the situation as it is? Feel free to incorporate any or all of my favorites!

Reader Responses

I think Type A personalities have a tough time with acceptance because they want EVERYTHING….NOW! Those types of people are control freaks. They want everything yesterday. Unfortunately, they are the ones who never realize that they just can’t control people, or human nature. As you know, Susan, the best laid plans of mice and men…just fall apart. Even when we cover all of the bases we can take care of, there are things that JUST HAPPEN that change everything that has been planned. So, we learn to adapt and work around the obstacles. You and know that there are no problems or obstacles – THERE ARE ONLY OPPORTUNITIES. And we don’t know where that change or opportunity will lead us, but it could be a good thing. We have talked in the past about having our flights delayed a few times at the airport. We have seen many people just go berserk because THEIR PLANE is not taking off on time. As if they are the only passenger. It is all about them. When that happens to me, I just take out a magazine, newspaper or a good book and read until the flight is ready to go. I may have mentioned to you a few years ago a trip I took to New Orleans for basketball’s NCAA Final Four. I was working on my second book at the time, and when it was announced on the plane that we would not be moving for a while, I began writing. I wound up writing for the three hours we were stranded on the tarmac before heading to New Orleans. Suffice it to say, it was a productive three hours. There was nothing I could do to get the plane off the ground, so I worked on something that I needed to do. As you noted, we can get upset about those things we have no control over, but it does not make the problem go away any sooner. Practicing acceptance keeps me calm, cool and collected. When my wife misplaces her iPod, cell phone or even her watch (she did this morning), I ask if she can retrace her steps, and then I help find it. And nine times out of 10 I find whatever it is Kristen has misplaced. Our eight-year-old daughter misplaces items the same way. Oh, well. At least I am there to help. Have a great week, Susan. Take care. “Warrior” Joe