WOW Word-Of-the-Week #277: Mind Power

November 14, 2009 by  

Mind Power – ability to control one’s thoughts and feelings.

Are you able to keep your thoughts positive even when others around you are not? Are you affected by negative media? Does uncertainty trigger anxiety?

Mind Power

Mind Power

Last week the WOW was faith and how much Meb Keflezighi believed in himself. When I read this piece from Healthystyle magazine it really struck me. Janice Kaplan, Editorial Director wrote, “Although I admire people who run marathons, I’ve never dared try one myself. The distance seems daunting, and I can’t imagine being that aerobically fit. But I recently realized that what’s stopping me is my head, not my heart.”

“We all have expectations for ourselves, and pushing beyond them can be scary. Whether you want to get in shape, lose weight, or simply relax and enjoy the upcoming holidays, the first step is telling yourself that you can. Don’t underestimate your own power. Once you set your sights on a goal, you’re a step closer to achieving it. Stay positive – and enjoy the season.”

I totally agree and couldn’t have said it any better. Our ability to control our thoughts and feelings determines how successful we will be in any undertaking we tackle. With the holidays quickly approaching what feelings are coming up for you? Is it joy? Or is it dread?

This week focus on your mind power. What is it you would like to achieve? What’s stopping you? Are you able to see the outcome? How would it feel to tell yourself you can do it? Remember, don’t underestimate your own power.

Reader Responses

“Your writing and thought processes are on a roll; you are ‘rocking’! I enjoyed the way you got into this piece and stayed on message. Darn good follow through. I am proud of you, kid.”  PC

“This week’s message was good for me. Thanks for sharing ! I am looking forward to the holidays. I love them !!  I always try to plan ahead and make all aspects of the holidays FUN !!! I find people are kinder, gentler, generous, and more caring during the SEASON !!  I always look forward to it. My mother,  loved Christmas and that is a wonderful gift she gave me.   I cherish her gift,  “THE LOVE of CHRISTMAS !!” Hugs, Katie

“In past responses to your posts, I have used such phrases as “Impossible is nothing” (from Nike) and “If you can see it, you can be it.” Phrases like that are simple and sound clicheish, but they point to the importance of how powerful our minds can be in determining our fate and what we do with our lives. I can’t tell you how many times I have been told “no” in my life or received rejection letters. I still believed in what I could do or accomplish regardless of what anyone else thought. Since we only get one shot at this life, we have to go for the gusto. We are not promised anything, and no one knows our strengths like we do. And, we don’t know what we can’t do until we try it. So, I have been a big believer in using my mind to visualize what it is I want to do, and then go for it. We won’t know until we actually try. After visualization, we must take those first steps toward our accomplishment. I think we usually surprise ourselves after we take those first steps and realize, “Hey, I think I can do this.” But it isn’t until we make that effort that we find out what it is we can do. Once we have that accomplishment, we can build on it for future accomplishments. And that is how we become successful, not just professionally, but personally.”  Great word, Susan. Have a great week. Take care. “Warrior” Joe Moran.