WOW Word-Of-the-Week #273: Amazement

October 19, 2009 by  

Amazement – A state of extreme surprise or wonder; astonishment.

Can you remember the last time you experienced amazement? Are you like me and love surprises?

Shep Hyken, author of “The Cult of the Customer” says there are five cults and the cult of amazement is the highest level and one that all businesses should be striving for.

Cult of the Customer

Cult of the Customer

He writes, “Ask yourself which best describes your customer’s orientation to you and your operation.”

  • The Cult of Uncertainty – there is no consistency – service runs the gamut from unacceptable to average or satisfactory – this is by far the biggest cult and has many subdivisions.
  • The Cult of Alignment – has a specific expectation – customer is aware of your brand promise and value proposition – have yet to experience it.
  • The Cult of Experience – customer has a good experience – creates top-of-mind awareness for the actual experience – satisfied but not loyal.
  • The Cult of Ownership – customer has multiple great experiences – pattern of delivering consistently above-average experiences – is loyal.
  • The Cult of Amazement – customer becomes an evangelist – tells friends and associates about you – expectations high and consistently met if not exceeded.
  • This week focus on amazement. Have you ever enthusiastically recommended or praised a company? What did they do to make you want to tell others? What can you do to get your service to the cult of amazement?

    Reader Responses

    “I would never describe amazement in terms of a cult. I think we all like to be amazed – something happens that is beyond our expectations. We have no reason to expect that something amazing happens, and then it does. Maybe because of the disappointments we have had in our country over the last several years we just don’t expect the best. We simply accept the mediocre, the bland, the unexciting. In other words, we have seen so much of the bad, average or below average we don’t ever think anything good, exciting or amazing will happen. However, when it does we are blown away. And we wonder why it can’t happen more often. Because there is so much mediocrity around us we don’t ever think anything amazing will happen. So, we probably would not appreciate the amazing if it happened more often. But that does not mean we should accept less than the best in our lives and in our country. We should be expect to be amazed more often. Hopefully, we will. But in the meantime, let’s work to help amazing happen. A positive attitude is half the battle. I have always believed that if I expect the best, it will happen. I may be disappointed from time to time, but at least I dreamed of what the possible could be. Great word, Susan. Have a great week. “Warrior” Joe Moran.”