WOW Word-Of-the-Week #272: Rivalry

October 19, 2009 by  

Healthy Rivalry

Healthy Rivalry

Rivalry – competition

When you think of the word rivalry what comes to mind? Is it positive or negative? With regard to sports the dictionary refers to “the long standing rivalry between Harvard and Yale.”

This week’s article that caught my eye was in the SD Union titled, “Presidents Cup match set to be fun, fierce.” U.S. captain Fred Couples picked Michael Jordan to be an assistant captain. Jordan thought he was kidding. Even though he is a big fan of golf he is much better at playing basketball.

“Couples knew exactly what he wanted out of Jordan, and it wasn’t to dish out tips on putting. His role was to have fun with the guys. That’s it. FUN. It’s not a word usually associated with professional team golf, especially after bitter incidents over the years in the Unites States’ rivalry with Europe in the Ryder Cup. But the Presidents Cup has established itself as the international battle that is more like a friendly chess match that a war.”

Well, I certainly could not have found a more fitting article. Having the words golf and FUN in the same sentence was perfect! And it gets more interesting, because on Monday I had decided it was time to start playing again. And my goal is to have FUN and play well.  My competitive nature in golf is with myself. I want to do better and see improvement every week.

So this week focus on rivalry. Are you comfortable with competition? Do you have a rivalry going on with someone, something, or another business? Could you see it being a friendly battle versus a war? Do you need to win all the time?

Reader Responses

“I read the same piece in Saturday’s Chicago Tribune. One of the golfers, Sean O’Hair, had a lot of fun with Michael Jordan. He seemed to relax the golfers and put them in a good state of mind for the competition. Let’s face it, Susan, we all love to win. I know that I like to win at everything I compete in. However, I have learned that it is how we play the game and perform that makes the difference, because we can’t win at everything. It reminds me of the words from a Danny O’Keefe song in the early 1970s, “Goodtime Charlie’s Got the Blues.”  The lyric, “Some gotta win, some gotta lose. Goodtime Charlie’s got the blues.” When my daughter plays me in games, I usually let her win. I try not to get too competitive with her. And Erin is very competitive. She does not like to lose. Sometimes she will get pouty when she knows she is not going to win a game, and then she insists on playing another game. So, I will let her win sometimes. Competition is fine in life, but it is learning to be gracious in losing and humble in winning. There are too many people who are poor sportsmen and want to rub people’s noses in defeat. That is not the way to handle winning and losing in life. While we all want to win, we have to learn how to do it the right way. Great word, Susan. Have a great week. Take care. “Warrior” Joe Moran.”

“My first glance, (pre-first cup of coffee) I read the Word as “Ribaldry”.  And  then your question you always ask, What first comes to mind”.  I’m thinking “ok ,vulgar, indecent, gratuitous sex, ok.  And looking at your newly added graphic I’m surmising Hmm, Susan’s letting her down.  Then I noted the word was actually “Rivalry”.  Oh well J!”