WOW Word-Of-the-Week #271: Balance

October 12, 2009 by  

Balance – having just the right mix of work, play, and passion.

Do you feel that you have a balanced life? Are you involved in things that you are passionate about? Do you feel blessed with the life you have?

Our feature this week is an article in Parade’s healthystyle on Eva Longoria Parker titled, “Make Every Moment Count.” In it she says, “My friends like to kid me that I only have two speeds – off and on. And I guess they mean really on, because I’m constantly moving.”

She and her husband Tony Parker share the same kind of drive. “We are both energetic and athletic. We love to travel. We love food and wine, we love beaches, we love laughter and music. We think healthy, and we work hard to stay in shape. I check my schedule constantly to make sure no time is wasted. I bounce between my TV work, Tony’s basketball games, and my charities.”

We Like What Eva Likes!

We Like What Eva Likes!

“The key is balance and common sense. I love to enjoy every moment. I’m really blessed to have the life I have. I do a lot of work with less fortunate kids, so I know I have nothing to complain about.”

And that off switch? “Part of my schedule is a good night’s sleep. When things get overwhelming I look forward to a weekend home with Tony. I love to cook. Sometimes we stay in bed all day watching the Discovery Channel.”

“You have to make a choice to be an active citizen of society. I want to contribute in a positive way, whether it’s through my work, entertaining, or the love I give to my husband and family. We can all make a significant mark on the world.”

This week focus on balance. Do you have a need to make every moment count? Do you take time to relax and “turn off.”  What are you most passionate about?

Reader Responses

“Kristen and I look forward to those weekends where we don’t have anything planned. Since we both work, we split up the duties of taking care of the kids and other activities during the week. There are times when we just want to sit and read the newspaper or magazines or books. Usually it is when our girls are asleep at night. We do enjoy every moment we have with the girls, and we make sure to take advantage of those because life goes so fast. We are blessed with beautiful girls, good health and good families. I have no complaints about my life. There are things that I still want to accomplish in my life, but I find that my life at home really gives me a great perspective, and my wife and girls always remind me of the important things. This weekend, if it does not rain, I need to scrape the railing at the backdoor of our house. I promised Kristen a couple of years ago that I would do it, so hopefully I can do more work on it. Hopefully we can relax a little more this weekend also, because the next two weekends will be hectic. We do get plenty of rest in the evenings, and that keeps our energy and health in good shape. Great word, Susan. Keep up the great work. Take care. Have a wonderful weekend. “Warrior” Joe Moran.”