WOW Word-Of-the-Week #270: Impression

October 5, 2009 by  

Impression – your outward appearance.

Do you agree that first impressions are lasting impressions? Have you ever made a first impression that changed once you spent more time with that person? What does your outward appearance say about you?

Impressive Impression

Impressive Impression

Parade Magazine featured an article on Jay Leno titled, “Persistence Pays Off.”  Jay says, “I travel around the country, and I meet people who are worried about finding a new job. I understand how tough it is.  I’ve had horrible experiences myself. When I was starting out as a comedian, I went to see an agent one time. He said, ‘We’ll call you if we need anything.’ As he was talking to me, I looked over at this trash can and saw my picture torn in half there.  He must have thrown it out before I showed up. Sure, he was going to call me. But that’s okay – those are just bad job interviews.”

“If you really want a job, do whatever it takes to make a good impression. Years ago I lived in Boston, and when I saw a Mercedes/Rolls-Royce dealer, I thought, ‘I’d like to work there.’ I asked about a job, but the boss said, ‘We’re not hiring now.’ Monday morning I returned. I went to the car-wash bay, said, ‘I’m the new guy,’ and started washing cars. After three days or four days, the boss saw me and asked, ‘What’s he doing here?’ The car-wash guy said, ‘He’s a hard worker.’ I said, ‘I figured I’d work here until you hired me.’ And I got the job. That attitude has always worked for me.”

I have to hand to Jay on that one. I never thought of just showing up and hope I got the job. Have you? Would you be willing to do that?

This week focus on the impression you leave on people. Are you looking for a new job? Are you willing to be persistent and positive no matter what happens? As a role model what impression do you leave with your children and/or staff? Are you always aware of your outward appearance and the message you are conveying?

Reader Responses

“Impressions stay with everyone. And they are hard to overcome. It is important, especially in social situations, to show our best side. So, dressing well, good grooming and a winning smile are important in winning over people. But I do think most people are good at seeing through to the real person. We can see through those people who are over the top in the way they dress and talk. But if we are sincere in the way we approach others, especially with making eye contact, those first impressions are beneficial in relationships – personal and business. When we dress well and look clean, it shows others that we not only have respect for ourselves but for those we meet. When we arrive to meet people for an interview or a social get-together scruffy and unkempt, we are signaling that we just don’t care enough to take the time to look our best. I have heard people’s excuses that they did not have the time. But the bottom line is that they did not care. Period. Taking the time to make a good first impression says volumes about who we are, and it can help us in many ways of our lives. Great word, Susan. I’m sure you have heard the phrase “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” and that what this is all about. Take care. Have a great weekend. “Warrior” Joe Moran.”