WOW Word-Of-the-Week #78: Integrity

May 12, 2009 by  

Integrity – firm adherence to a code of moral values; incorruptibility.

Did you know that the number one most sought definition online this year was integrity?

According to John Morse, president of Webster’s, “About 20,000 people looked it up. I think the American people have isolated a very important issue for our society to be dealing with. The entire list gives us an interesting window that opens up into what people are thinking about in their lives.”

Ralph Whitehead, a journalism professor at the University of Massachusetts, said “It may indicate the continuing discussion about American values and morality, or perhaps that integrity itself is becoming scarce so its definition is unfamiliar.”

Now that’s truly scary! I believe the most important thing you have, is your integrity. With all of the political corruption that was exposed this year, I just hope people are not resigning themselves to the fact that “No one has integrity, so why should I?”

Integrity defines who you are as a person. It is what connects you to people. It creates deep trust. Those that have it will attract others like themselves. Those that don’t will attract others like themselves.

“What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others.”  – Confucius

Now the question is, “Which type of person do you want to attract? Do you know what your code of moral values is?”

Reader Responses

“Thought for the day…. Words of encouragement may cost nothing to give,but they’re priceless to the receiver. So give frequently and abundantly.” — John Beck

“INTEGRITY, without it, we will perish as a people. Awesome stuff!” — Don Vance

“This one is particularly good.” — Art Rosengarten

“I really enjoy getting your emails every week. Each word gets me thinking (as it is supposed to do!)and I thought the email this week to be quite interesting. The vague definition of “code of moral values” triggered me to ask…if you have low moral values, but are firm in what those values are, do you still have integrity? I have always been taught that integrity is linked to high moral values and those values were reinforced through my religious upbringing. If someone is raised with values that I consider to be lower than mine, but they were taught to be “firm in their adherence” to what they considered adequate values, I wonder if in their own mind, they have integrity?” –Patricia Ashbrook