WOW Word-Of-the-Week #75: Ethical

May 12, 2009 by  

Ethical – being in accord with approved standards of behavior.

Do you ever question that what you, or someone else, are doing is ethical?

A Seattle-based training organization, The Respectful Workplace Co., offers “four common clues.”

  1.  Wondering if it’s legal. If you’re doing this, chances are it isn’t ethical.
  2. Trying to keep it a secret. Concerned about what will happen if your decision becomes widely known? Reconsider the choice.
  3. Making rationalizations. Using phrases like, “I deserve this,” is a sign of trouble.
  4. Feeling in your gut that it’s wrong. The moral line is usually instinctive.

This week the newspaper featured an article titled, “Ethics Training Course is Considered for House.” This year has been wrought with political figures who have been charged with various forms of illegal activities.

This week focus on being ethical in all areas of your life. You now have your checklist if for some reason you’re not sure!

Reader Responses

“Good stuff! I have a plaque in my office that talks all about ETHICS. I say if we lose our credibility and ethics, we have lost everything.” — Don Vance


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