WOW Word-Of-the-Week #71: Giggle

May 12, 2009 by  

Giggle – to laugh in a light, silly manner.

How often do you giggle? I think of giggling as the first stage before laughter.

They say, “Laughter is the best medicine.” And I think giggling is just as good. I giggle a lot. When I am out with my friends and something strikes us as funny, we will share it with each other. If it’s not appropriate for a big belly laugh, then we tend to giggle.

The San Diego Union just had an article on humor. It reads, “Humor is used by humans to cope with stress and to establish relationships, and it even can help strengthen the immune system.”

I don’t know about you, but those are good reasons to make me want to laugh and giggle. Another reason is every time you laugh you send out endorphins, which I call the “Happy Hormone.” Endorphins are a natural drug that make you feel good.

The fun thing about giggling, is that people want to know what your up to. They think to themselves, “What’s so funny?” and they want be in on the joke. This week spend more time giggling. How does it make you feel?

Reader Responses

“I have not been a giggler, but I enjoy a good laugh. I was not aware of the endorphins released by laughter. There is something to be said for a good belly laugh. When I need a laugh at the end of a tough day, I will turn on “Seinfeld” so that I can let loose. Those shows always spotlighted the foibles of our everyday existence. Especially some of our ridiculous behaviors. And, it sends me into laughter every time. After having that good laugh, it is easier to sleep at night.  Keep smiling and laughing. If we can find humor in the worst of situations, we can make everything better.” — Joe Moran

“I had a friend of mine who had cancer and was often in pain. She would watch comedy movies all of the time, which seemed to relieve her of the pain she was in. The natural endorphins that are released when we laugh as you mentioned have a healing effect on her. She stated that the only reason she is still alive today is because she knows she gets relief when she laughs when watching comedy movies. So she laughs a lot and enjoys watching comedy movies. This should tell all of us the importance of enjoying oneself and not getting so caught up in the trivial things of life and loosen up and not be so stiff and uptight, like we can all get at times.” — Don Vance

“I love reading your words of the week and for that I would love to say “Thank You!” You are such a motivator. Thanks again!” — Linda

“Thanks and I promise to giggle. Having children helps remind you to enjoy life. Have a blessed day.” –Nancy Gump