Word Of the Week #43: Persistence

April 21, 2009 by  

Persistence: continuing in a course of action without regard to opposition or previous failure.

On Course in Antarctica

On Course in Antarctica

Have you ever failed at something and continued to try again?

One of the most successful people I know failed for five years before he started having some degrees of success. Now, that’s persistence!

You probably have heard of him too. He moved to Nashville to make it as a country singer. He was rejected by 26 record labels before securing a record deal. His debut album sold only 324 copies. Flat broke, he moved to south Florida and played in the local bars where, at times, nobody even showed up.

In 1974, he had his first hit single. But it wasn’t until 1977 that he became an “overnight” star. Have you figured out who it is? Jimmy Buffet! He continues to be one of the top grossing acts and has a cult following. He has continued his success by creating a clothing company, restaurants, writing children’s books and several other ventures.

The question is, “Would you be persistent for seven years?” When we really want something and know it in our heart, we will do whatever it takes to keep going. This week focus on what changes you may need to take to continue in your course of action without regard to opposition or previous failure.

Reader Responses

“I saw a program on Jimmy Buffet the other evening. I didn’t know he had that many failures, perhaps it was the margaritas? One of my mottos is “Persistence Until!” Don’t wait for your ship to come in, swim out to it! Great story!” — Don Vance

“I didn’t know this about Jimmy Buffet…. Awesome story. This past week, I learned alittle bit about persistence personally! I’ve struggled physically since 1997….but always refusing to “give up or lye down”….I’ve persisted…… Just yesterday I was made UNIT MANAGER….AND I’m so darn proud that I have never stopped being persistent….even when I wasn’t sure what direction that drive was taking me….even when I was WAY off course….. I still persisted!  Thank GOD and my friends, family (and you) who always encouraged me…in all ways….For HE knows the plan for my life, declares the Lord…..(Jeremiah 29:11)…and here I stand firm today.” –Cathie Capolino

“One of the things that I have learned in my life is polite persistence. I think I inherited the trait from my parents. We just keep on pressing toward the mark. I have always believed that as one door closes, another opens. It might not be next week or next year, but it will happen. Eventually, our time does come.  A lot of times I try to remind myself that time isn’t real. It is just one’s point of view, or perspective. But until that time comes, I just try to enjoy each moment and each day as it comes, because of the unknown opportunities that come along. Thanks, Susan. I needed that reminder about persistence.” — Joe Moran.

“Jimmy Buffet…one of my favorites!!! I guess the song “Margaritaville” really set his career in motion. What a great story and a great topic…PERSISTANCE…the key to success in the sales field. Hope all is well!!!” — Charles Rich


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