Word Of the Week #40: Abundance

April 21, 2009 by  

Abundance: overflowing fullness; plentiful supply.

When you think of your life, does the word abundance come to mind? Do you see your life filled with good things or do you have a tendency to focus of what you’re lacking?

Life's an Abundant Buffet

Life's an Abundant Buffet

If you see your life as full and you feel abundance, then you come from a place of sharing and giving. There is plenty for everyone. I am frequently asked who my competition is. I say, “I don’t have any competition. There is no one else like me.” There are plenty of professional speakers. We don’t all speak on the same topic. And then there are those speakers who are similar. I don’t see them as competition but rather as people that I can align myself with.

I wouldn’t want my clients to hire me for every speech. I think it’s good to have different view points and styles. It’s also great to be able to refer someone when I am not available. That’s an “abundance mentality.” There’s plenty for everybody!

I have a friend whose husband always complains that she gets everything. Imagine that! I believe that it is because she is such a kind, giving person that it comes back ten fold. I think he’s stingy.

WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT, YOU BRING ABOUT! If your life is lacking, it’s probably because your thoughts are about what you don’t have. Don’t compare yourself to someone else. Try this, make a list of all the things you do have and those things that are right in your life.

This week focus on the “abundance mentality.” What can you share or give to someone else? How does it make you feel to not be lacking but to have plenty?

Reader Responses

“Thanks Susan. This is really good stuff. I have a very dear friend who has just had to flee her home of 30 years because of a battered wife scenario….. I tried like heck yesterday to engage her to see just how much ‘abundant’ life she could have in the near future. She has fled to a safe house that only one relative knows about (all for the safety of others) and yet I pray I have another opportunity to share this really important message again with her. So thanks for confirming how important “abundant” can really be!” — Cathie Capolino

“Amen Susan…my life is full of abundance! I just got my #20 consultant last night and I’m working on my #21st today. I reached my goal girlfriend. Mo mama’s a Director 11. I’m so excited. Love ya girl! — Jacqueline Foster