Word Of the Week #9: Listen

April 20, 2009 by  

Listen: to hear with thoughtful attention.

Do you know that people who are focused only on themselves, generally have never developed the ability to read others? Good communicators listen 60% to 70% and talk 30% to 40% of the time.

Focused attention

Focused attention

Dr. Lyman Steil says, “Most people listen but they don’t really hear. We need to over compensate and listen more to improve out comprehension.”

Want to create an instant connection with people? All you have to do is let them talk while you listen!

Most jobs consist of a routine of repetitive tasks. When you repeat motions or process the same type of information over and over, your brain tends to shift into “auto pilot”. Don’t go there!

You need to really listen to your customers and guests (and loved ones) so that you can fulfill their needs. You have to hear what they are saying in order to serve them well, and to handle any problems or challenges that may arise.

This week spend more time listening and less time speaking. Focus on putting more attention on the people around you instead of yourself.

Reader Responses

“Listening is not quite as easy as most of us think. As hard as I try not to, some of the time I’m so busy thinking of what my response will be that I don’t actually “hear” the question. It would be a bit awkward in personal situations, but in a business situation, I try to take notes so that I make sure I get everything I need. True listening is an art, but it takes work because it’s an activity that requires you to focus on someone other than yourself. Not always an easy thing to do.” — Terry L. Green