Word Of the Week #7: Connection

April 20, 2009 by  

Connection: coming into or being put in contact for the purpose of a relationship.

Each person has his/her own personality leaving a unique, individual, impression with certain people; these are people that feel an emotional connection to you. That’s the beginning of a developing relationship.

Polar Bear Connection

Ultimate connection

You have relationships with people at home and at work, in your favorite coffee shop or restaurant. When you want to create a connection, all you have to do is focus your attention on that person. Listen more carefully or get more personal. The more attention, the deeper the connection.

Think about how you can create a deeper connection with everyone this week. What behavior are you displaying and how does it make you feel? Are the people around you responding differently?

Reader Responses

“Thought for the day: I think that what’s important is to base one’s convictions on compassion for others and an ambitious sense of the possible…..Life is facing challenges, going through them, and getting to the other side.” — John Beck

“Since my business is virtual, I do a lot of networking on Ryze and through groups like the IVWCC (International Virtual Women’s Chamber of Commerce). I make it a point to send private messages or emails to the people I’m interested in networking with, and have developed some great business and personal relationships by connecting with others I’ve met online. People do business with, and refer business to, people they know and trust and like.” — Terry L. Green

“Thank you Susan…I like this one, life is short and we only have so much time and sometimes we forget about relationships or simply do not invest the time to learn more about our friends, co-workers and even our loved ones.” — Charles Rich