Word Of the Week #5: P.M.S.

April 20, 2009 by  

P.M.S. – Positive Mental Spirit: the bubble around your body.

PMS bubble

PMS bubble

Ok, it’ really three words but one thought. Positive people and events fill your bubble and negative people (those who have toxic waste in their bubbles) and events have a way of bursting your bubble.

You can have your P.M.S. bubble full and come in contact with a complete stranger who is having a bad day, and unless you are prepared, they can burst your bubble almost immediately. Point being, no one can do that to you unless you let them!

When people and events seem to be negative, stop and ask yourself if you are the causal factor. In other words, are they attacking you for what you have done, or do they just need to vent and/or find someone to blame?

Think about how you can create and keep your P.M.S. bubble as full as possible this week. What behavior are you displaying and how is it making you feel? See if you can take someone’s negative energy and turn it into a positive for them. It’s great fun!

Reader Responses

“What a great new meaning for PMS! (I always thought PMS was just an easy out for being cranky and unpleasant anyway.) I make it a point to try very hard not to get drawn in to someone else’s “bad day” or negative tirade. If I’ve done something to cause the situation, I do my best to see if there is anything I can do to fix it. If it isn’t me, and I can’t say anything to help, sometimes it’s best to either try to change the subject or just excuse yourself. Getting drawn into a negative situation only helps to ruin your day, and fuels the fire even more.” — Terry L. Green

“That is my favorite one so far!!” — Vicky McNeill

“I really enjoy these, Susan. They are motivational and inspirational to me. And, I look forward to the next one. I share them with a fellow co-worker. Have a good one!” — Barbara E. Wertz

“Life is 10% on what you make and 90% on how you take it!” -Michelle