Word Of the Week #24: Intention

April 20, 2009 by  

Intention: what one proposes to do or accomplish.

Is there anyone out there that fears or dislikes the word, goal? If so, would you consider creating intentions?


I set intentions everyday. I intend to do things (my “to do” list) as well as, create things (emotional experiences).

Steve Straus, the 3 Minute Coach says, “Intentions are completely different from wishes or wants. When you intend, you begin to believe in the outcome and expect it to occur. You get help, take action, pay attention to feedback, notice your progress and become accountable. When you intend an outcome, you build an expectation. Thus, the outcome is sure to happen.”

Motive is the inducement to do some act. Intent is the mental resolution or determination to do it. Setting an intention suggests clearer formulation and greater deliberateness.

What intentions would you like to have for your business and personal life? This week think about “the things” and “the emotional experiences” you desire. Write them down and then think about how you can achieve those intentions. Need help? Think about who can help you to accomplish what you intend to do.

Reader Responses

“Thank you for your e-mails. They are encouraging, reinforce me when I’m in doubt, and bring strength. I surely get alot out of them, please continue to send them my way.” — Juliana Calvano

“I have a different take on this one! Intentions are good and fine but they are just that: intentions. I am goal oriented and goal driven. Intentions don’t get me anywhere, they are wishes and dreams and in my world, there is very little time for intentions when it pertains to work. People with good intentions are nice people but not necessarily successful. Thought I can share anything with you, right? Have a great day! PS: I keep a daily updated to-do list, there are no intentions listed, only things I want to accomplish, goals to meet, destinations to arrive at……” — Kurt Bischofberger

“Intention – now that’s a word I’ve heard quite a bit lately, and you’re the first one who’s actually given it a definition . . . thank you! To me, setting intentions is much like making a “to do” list. When I make a “to do” list, I do it with the intention of completing what’s on the list. I love the idea about setting intentions on a much larger scale, for my business and life. This certainly gives me something to think about.” — Terry L. Green