Word Of the Week #20: Empathy

April 20, 2009 by  

Empathy: the capacity for experiencing another persons feelings.

Last weeks WOW was about the importance of apologizing. Did an opportunity arise to correct a complaint? Was your apology sincere?

Making Amends

Making Amends

When you can put yourself in another person’s situation and feel what they are feeling, it’s very easy to have empathy.

Do you remember when Nancy Kerrigan, the ice skater, was attacked? Tonya Harding’s bodyguard stepped forward and admitted that he had hired someone to do it. But not until he had seen Nancy on TV, was when he experienced remorse and turned himself in.

They say the roots of morality lie in empathy. When you lead your life by doing what is right, morally and ethically, it is easy to have empathy.

This week focus on putting yourself in the other persons situation. How would it feel if it were you? How would you want to be treated? Make the right, moral and ethical choice! Notice how it makes you feel as well as the other person.

Reader Responses

“One thing my wife (Nancy) taught me a long time ago was: Never disallow a person his/her feelings! I have learned quickly and practice it.” — Kurt Bishofberger

“Good “stuff” ~ thanks for continuing to be deligent in your words of the week….even though some weeks I may not respond….I always read them and ponder awhile! — Cathie Capolino

“The empathy wow was perfect seeing as such a situation arose for me today. You must be clarivoyant. Any way thanks for all the good words….. they are fun and educational.” — Deborah McCloud


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