The FUN-damentals of World-Class Service

March 28, 2009 by  

Do you have a team of professional players who are all committed to providing the “Total Quality Experience” to each and every customer, guest, member, or client they come in contact with?

In this program Susan guides you in the process of identifying the needs and expectations of your internal & external customers. She then focuses on creating leaders who can model the behavior and have the ability to communicate “World Class” service to their teams.

This program highlights the how-to’s of:

  • Providing a “Value Based” Experience
  • Turning Mediocre Service into Memorable Service
  • Creating Instant Rapport for Deeper Connections
  • Taking Your Organization To The Next Level By Giving Personalized Service
  • Maintaining the Competitive Edge
  • Turning Complaints into Compliments
  • Turning Your Internal Customers Into Marketing Ambassadors
  • Creating An Organization That Can Provide Exceptional “World Class” Service


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