Testimonials: Performance Improvement

March 28, 2009 by  

“I can honestly say I have not looked at my career path the same since I went through the Success Discovery Process with Susan.”
—Nancy M. Everitt, Senior Vice President
Barron Financial Services

“I attended your program and it had the greatest effect on me. After listening to you speak I purchased your books. I feel so positive, and not a positive that fades, but a feeling I can work with and use. I feel once again that I CAN AND DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!”
—Julie Goff, Lounge Manager
Best Western Marshall Inn

“Since we initiated the Spirit of Service video tapes presentation, I feel that the following improvements are a direct result of the videos: Dining room employees morale is improved
• Dining room cocktail sales are improving
• Appetizer and dessert sales have improved
• Waiter and waitress tips are increasing”
—Dennis Buffington, Assistant Manager
Best Western Regency Inn

“We conducted our first training session with the tapes on Saturday before Mother’s Day. Just before we opened for business on Mother’s Day I went to the store and got a small jar of bubbles; came back to the restaurant and started blowing bubbles in the wait station just as we were opening. Everybody started laughing and some of the servers (halfway through our serving hours) were humming ‘Tiny Bubbles’ as they came in and out of the wait station. It works! It was probably good that I was the one to do it as I am usually the “frowning” one. It broke the ice and we had a Mother’s Day that went like clockwork!”
—Jim Dietz
Smith’s Row Food & Spirits

“Just a note to tell you that I sincerely enjoyed your presentation re: Generation X & Y. Took the material back to my Staff and have instructed my Dining Room Manager (who is re-writing our training manual) to look at your videos and use them. Also, I used your “Positive Attitude” pin on my best server with the caveat that if she didn’t continue to be her bubbly self, I would take it and award it to the next server with a PMA. Boy, has this caused ripples – she shows it to all the Members and treats it as a badge of honor. Now every server wants one. Where can I get some more?”
—Tom Goss, General Manager
Rolling Road Golf Club