Testimonials: Associations

March 28, 2009 by  

“You definitely practice what you preach. It was positive and memorable.”
— Cheryl Chelius, Executive Director
San Diego Society of Association Executives

“It is because of the expertise of professionals like you, coupled with your obvious desire to make a contribution to the careers of others in our industry, that our meeting was such a strong educational resource for our attendees.”
— Rita S. Lanngston, Speaker Coordinator
Meeting Professionals Internationals

“Wow! Another great program featuring your dynamic and to-the-point style!”
— Darlene Sessions, Vice president
Financial Women International, Inland Empire Group

“I think you will find from the evaluations that people really gained a great deal from your presentation.”
— Tonya J. Ferguson, CAE, Executive Director
St. Louis Society of Association Executives

“It was evident that you did your homework and it showed throughout your talk. What you said truly had an impact and made a difference.”
— Gaye Breyman, Chief Operating Officer
California Academy of Physician Assistants

“The success of your presentations was obvious by the many positive comments received and the resounding responses we heard through the walls, in the hall, in person and on paper.”
—Carolyn Shouse Mills, Meeting Planner
Pizza Expo

“We felt that the presentation was relevant, to the point, practical, personal, and presented with a great sense of humor.
— Kris Penner, Program Chairman
American Business Women’s Association

“Your knowledge, experience, humor and speaking ability placed ‘Your Attitude is Showing’ as our most successful event of this program year.”
—Lisa Pugh, Vice President, Programming
Financial Women International, Orange County

“It was an extraordinary presentation. It seemed to complete the connections between the attendees to round out their Retreat experience and inspire enthusiasm and creativity in their association management careers.”
—Cheryl Chelius, Executive Director
San Diego Society of Association Executives

“One member, Darren Schwartz is quoted as saying, ‘I think the presentation was perfect, funny enthusiastic, and the audience participation was great!’
—Carolyn Marcial, Secretary
Los Angeles Escrow Association

“‘Great personality and willingness to share her past mistakes;’ ‘High energy, Loved her!’ …were just a few of the positive comments we received on your program.”
—Sarita Maybin-Anderson, Program Chair
National Speakers Association, San Diego Chapter

“What can I say? You were sensational! Your energy and enthusiasm captivated our group and was very contagious.”
—Lynn Smith, President
Financial Women International, Inland Empire Group

“You were one of the best speakers we have had this year and a real joy to work with.”
—Robyn Schumacher, secretary
San Diego Women in Travel

“As always you were sensational! The attendees walked away with a valuable experience.”
—Robert Stones, President
Bizsource San Diego’s Sales and Marketing Association

“I would recommend you to any audience that wants an uplifting message.”
—Nancy H. Wilson, VP Operations
Sports INC.

“Your high energy and humor made the hour zip by and kept our attendees attention.”
—Gale Frentz, Manager of Meeting Development
FTD Association

“I sent my somewhat skeptical, do it the same because we’ve always done it that way manager to the meetings, and he returned with contagious enthusiasm.”
—Linnea Stohlberg
Riverside Florist

“The exercise and group presentation was not only fun but also thought provoking at the same time. The talk was timely in providing our members with powerful, successful strategies in today’s market.”
—Vanessa Williams
Womens Council of Realtors

“Your unique presentation style and expertise offered invaluable insight that captured the audience’s attention.”
—Jaimie M. Ponzillo, Membership Services
New York State Food Merchants Association, Inc.

“This Fifth Annual Conference was the biggest and best ever due in large part to the opportunity to hear you speak about The Secrets of Service. Your presentation was excellent, timely and very welcome.”
—Kenneth G. Masco, Conference Chair
AFSM International

“Your program was rated excellent and motivating and our members said “This was the best of all shows and conventions.”
—Jim Merrill, CGR, Chairman
NAHB Remodelers Council

“I did not want to let another week go by without thanking you properly. Having the opportunity to work with a true professional, like yourself, makes my job of coordinating the conference an easy and pleasurable task.”
—Caryn Anderson, Managing Director
National Association of Service Managers

“Your contributions made a significant impact on the overall success of our conference.”
—Sheila Crowley, Director, Member Services
Healthcare Food Service Management (HFM)

“Your message was very dynamic and motivational and truly captured the audience.”
—Jason A. Anderson, Coordinator of Personnel
National Association of College and University Foodservice (NACUFS)

“As we’ve come to expect from you, your seminar was truly motivational, informative, full of practical tips, and fun.”
—Sandy Lien, Director of Education
Upper Midwest Hospitality, Inc.

“Your presentation certainly exceeded all expectations and was very well accepted by our attendees. Great job.”
—Christina Chmura, Director Trade Show Marketing
Massachusetts Restaurant Association

“You provided us with a lot of valuable information that I hope all of our members will begin to put to practice.”
—Rosemary S. Panno, President
International Association of Hospitality Accountants, Mid-Jersey Chapter

“Our guests and attendees comments have been very positive and encouraging. We even saw a few exhibitors attending your program.”
—Steve Montayne, Show Chairman
Michigan Restaurant Association

“I had heard so many wonderful things about you and had the chance to see for myself how true they are!”
—Janet Harrison, Director of Education
California Restaurant Association

“The feedback we received from the attendees was very positive and the attendees that we spoke with wholly enjoyed your presentation.”
—Virginia Curry, Expo Coordinator
New Jersey Restaurant & Hospitality

“You’ve begun to develop a faithful following and your message is always enthusiastically delivered, up-to-date, and full of practical ideas.”
—Sandy Lien, Director of Education
Upper Midwest Hospitality, Inc.

“We have a bit of a stiff group but you got them all laughing and having fun, just like we are supposed to be having fun at work and in life!”
—Georgia Kazimier, President, Sacramento Chapter
California Restaurant Association

“The extremely high level of enthusiasm kept everyone of our people one their toes. It was if our members were competing to learn from you!”
—Brad Schramm, President
Independent Hotels of America

“Those who were in attendance praised both the information and the style in which it was delivered..”
—Julie Lanthier, Membership Services Representative
San Diego Restaurant Association

“I would like to compliment you on the content, delivery, and message of your service seminar. Keep up the great work and the spreading of the message.”
—Keith Keogh, CEC, AAC, President
World Association of Cooks Societies

“Your participation was a pleasure for both our members and our guests. Thanks again for all your professional, excellent contributions!”
—Gene Vosberg, Executive Director
Restaurant Association of the State of Washington

“You were absolutely fantastic… the feedback from the audience has been tremendous.”
—Colleen McShane, Executive Director
Illinois Restaurant Association

“Your enthusiasm and zest for the industry, as well as your solid knowledge of the industry is obvious.”
—Sandy Lien, Director of Education
Upper Midwest Hospitality, Inc

“It is truly an honor working with such a professional and an expert in the field. Your seminar on Service Excellence was very well received. Thanks for making the trade show such a great success.”
—Carol Salomon Lo Verso, Director of Education
California Restaurant Association

“I must say that my company staff members in attendance came away from your program with a new spirit of enthusiasm. You show a passion for the subject that is contagious!”
—Michael Rhodes, Orange County Chapter President
California Restaurant Association