Creating Your Winning Team

March 28, 2009 by  

An understanding of people and yourself, gives you a tremendous edge in any interaction involving people.

  • Do you have any idea the amount of money you’ve lost because of turnover?
  • Are you spending time each week resolving conflicts among team members?
  • Are you sure the person you’re hiring is “right for the job”?
  • Do you really understand your employees and do they really understand you?

For years management has agreed that an employee with the “right attitude” is more valuable then an employee with good skills and a bad attitude.  Until now there has not been a practical and valid way to understand a person’s attitudes and behaviors and how they affect work and relationships.  You will learn and be able to understand:

  • How you and your team behave on the job
  • How stress affects you and your team members
  • Things that motivate you and your team
  • Recognizing the similarities and differences of others in the workplace can:
  • Enhance your communication and your relationships
  • Increase morale and overall job satisfaction
  • Reduce stress, conflict and turnover

When you are ready to go to the next level Susan Clarke can help you achieve that goal.

“Helping You Find & Keep Top Performers Who Make Your Customers
Feel Good About Spending Their Money”


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